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Luiz Leonardos & Advogados mixes the expertise and resourcefulness gained over 100 years of work devoted to I.P. in Brazil with the advantages of a newly created framework, one that is more effective and personal in the interaction with our clients.

Luiz Leonardos & Advogados is one of the two successors of Momsen, Leonardos & Cia - which was founded in 1919 - after its split on April 30, 2012. With 14 partners, Luiz Leonardos & Advogados has over 60 experienced professionals dedicated to all areas related to intellectual property. Our goal is to assist our clients with efficiency at rational costs, fulfilling the demand of the current market.

Legal excellence and a solid ethical conduct were principles that guided the firm Momsen, Leonardos & Cia during almost a century. Luiz Leonardos & Advogados is the natural heir to this background.
The pathway of Luiz Leonardos & Advogados begins with the arrival of Richard P. Momsen in Brazil in 1913. Coming from the United States of America, he worked along with the American Government and helped to create the Brazil-United States Chamber of Commerce in 1916. Three years later, he opened his first Law Office in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Afterwards, he joined Simeon W. Harris as a partner, descendent of American immigrants that came to Brazil after the Secession War. Twelve years later, the Greek descendent Thomas Othon Leonardos joined them, and in 1944, the office adopted the name Momsen, Leonardos & Cia.

At the end of the 50s, Luiz Leonardos, the only son of Thomas Othon Leonardos to become a lawyer, joined the firm as partner. Luiz Leonardos distinguished himself in the Intellectual Property area, and took part in the Brazilian delegation to the Stockholm Conference of the Paris and Berne Conventions, occasion in which WIPO was created. He acted in the Brazilian Industrial Property Association (ABPI) since 1964 – foundation year – in the position of general reporter, President and member of the Directors’ Board, being nominated for Honorary President of the Brazilian Industrial Property Agents Association (ABPI). In 1992, he became Executive Vice President of the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI) – until 1995, when he became Executive President until 1998, being, after that, nominated an Honorary Member of the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI) and Honorary Member of FICPI.
During the 80s, the attorney Gustavo Leonardos, son of Luiz and grandson of Thomas, joined Momsen, Leonardos & Cia., and began his activities in the Trademark Department. Gustavo, after obtaining his Masters degree at the George Washington University, worked for WIPO in Geneva, acted in the Brazilian Intellectual Property Association (ABPI), the Brazilian group of AIPPI, achieving the position of President in 2004 (until 2007), and occupied several positions in the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property - AIPPI, in the Inter-American Association of Industrial Property – ASIPI, and in the National Council on Combating Piracy (CNCP) of the Ministry of Justice. In 2007 Gustavo was awarded with the EMERJ Medal from the School of Magistrates of Rio de Janeiro, for the relevancy of his services for the Brazilian legal culture.

The experience acquired by Luiz and Gustavo Leonardos in the area of the Intellectual Property, has permitted the constitution of a highly specialized team, which makes Luiz Leonardos & Advogados one of the most important Brazilian firms of Intellectual Property at present.

Our team of engineers, biologists, attorneys and industrial property agents is characterized by its long time of work and gained experience in all fields of intellectual property, there including the interaction with the Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office (BPTO) in trademarks, patents, industrial designs, negotiation and evaluation of contracts, licensing, registration and consultancy services in software, domain names, copyrights, and related areas.

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  • Headquarters: Av. das Américas, 4200, BL9, Suites 217-B to 220-B | Rio de Janeiro, RJ | Brazil | 22640-102.
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